Office of Accessibility

Process for Requesting Temporary Accommodations

Navigating a Temporary Impairment/Injury

Individuals are recommended to first meet and discuss with appropriate personnel (instructor, supervisor) the impact, duration and functional limitations of the temporary impairment within the classroom/learning environment before meeting with the Office of Accessibility (OA). Many arrangements can be made between the appropriate personnel (instructor, supervisor) and individual without the use of OA for conditions lasting less than six weeks.

Individuals who wish to formally receive accommodations through the OA must complete the Temporary Impairment Intake form and submit documentation of the impairment. Accommodations will be determined based on the needs outlined in the documentation provided.

Individuals will be contacted by a counselor in OA verifying the receipt of materials and eligibility status including the need for additional materials, if applicable. All communication regarding eligibility status or adequacy of documentation will be sent directly to the individual.

*Effective Summer 2019