Dental Assisting

Comprehensive List of Dental Assisting Program Information

This comprehensive list provides the applicant with information regarding the Dental Assisting program. Specific program information regarding program of study, accreditation, admission requirements, and projected program cost are also available.


Program Information





Program Costs




Skills Our Graduates Demonstrate

  • Dental Radiographs
  • Sealants
  • Coronal Polish
  • Preliminary Impressions/Digital Impressions
  • Disinfection/Sterilization
  • Place temporary restorations
  • Remove sutures
  • Place and remove ligature wires/ elastics
  • Place and remove separators
  • Place and remove matrix bands and wedges
  • Place and remove Dental Dam
  • Place and Remove Arch Wires
  • Fabricate bleaching trays
  • Fabricate nightguard
  • Fabricate provisional crowns
  • Place fluoride
  • Oral Health Education
  • Place desensitizing agents
  • Etch and bond teeth
  • Manipulation of dental materials


Graduate Employment Opportunities

  • Private or Corporate Dental Office

  • Hospital Dental Clinic

  • Health Department

  • Dental Supply/Equipment Sales

  • Dental Laboratory

  • Dental Insurance Company

  • Prison Dental Clinic

  • Education