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Textbook Buyback

There are 3 options for selling your textbooks once the semester ends.

Rented textbooks are not eligible for textbook buyback. They must be returned as originally instructed to avoid additional charges.

Option 1 – Guaranteed Buyback

Some books are sold with a guaranteed buyback price. Students that bought a book with a guarantee will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the offer and send it back.

Benefits: In a hurry? Guaranteed buyback offers are quick. You don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not someone
will buy the book if you post it directly online.

Option 2 – Sell your Books in the Online Bookstore Portal (Two ways)

You can sell any book, not just textbooks. Visit the Sell Your Books page for more details and instructions.

Instant bids

With Instant Bids, a bid is immediately available for the book. You can choose to accept the bid for the price listed (non-negotiable). Note: Instant Bids are not available for every book.

Benefits: Like Guaranteed Buyback, Instant Bids are quick and take away the uncertainty of offering the book for sale on the
Marketplace and waitng for someone to buy it.


You can post any book on the Marketplace and name your own price for it. Once posted, it’s listed as a Marketplace option when buyers search for that ISBN.

Benefits: When you sell a book directly, you get to name the price you want. Guaranteed Buyback and Instant Bid prices are non-negotiable and sometimes lower than what others are selling the book for. If you think you can get more for the book, and don’t mind waiting for when students start buying textbooks for the next term, posting on the Marketplace is a good idea.

How to Sell Books in the Online Bookstore Portal

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the ISBN (the number by the barcode)
    • If an Instant Bid is available, you will see the bid.
    • If an Instant Bid is not available, or you prefer to sell to the Marketplace, follow the next steps:
      • List condition (good, fair, etc.), quantity, and availability dates.
      • Name a price (you’ll see what others are selling it for).
      • Wait for someone to buy it, mail it out, and get paid.

How to Get Paid

Payment is processed digitally, so whether you accept a Guaranteed Buyback offer/Instant Bid, or sell it directly on the Marketplace, payment is sent once the book is received by the buyer.

You can choose to be paid by direct deposit to your bank account, or you can choose to be paid in store credit (if you choose store credit, you earn 5% more).

Option 3 – Sell your Books Directly to Textbook Reseller

Morgan Godwin, the textbook reseller who has conducted on-campus buyback events at Rowan-Cabarrus in past semesters, is offering students a virtual buyback service.

What: ALL textbooks from ANY subject, ANY semester, and ANY school.

Examples include:

  • New/used textbooks
  • Books with or without wring and highlighting
  • Lab manuals
  • Loose leaf binder books
  • Unopened/Unused access cards


  • In-person – On-Campus events will be held on North and South Campus.
  • Virtual buyback is available. You can receive a virtual cash offer by phone or email:
    • By Phone -Text “RCCC BUYBACK” along with pictures of your books to 919-980-5705.
    • By Email – Email pictures of your books to with “RCCC BUYBACK” in the subject line.

When: Download the Summer 2022 buyback flyer

Shipping: Morgan Godwin will provide a prepaid label to you for shipping the item(s).

Payment: Once books are received, payment will be sent by Morgan Godwin via your preferred digital method (Cash App, Venmo or Paypal) specified during the transaction.

Note from Rowan-Cabarrus: Morgan Godwin is an independent contractor. The vendor is not employed by Rowan-Cabarrus Community College or the Online Bookstore. Conducting a book buyback through Morgan Godwin is an independent transaction between seller and Morgan Godwin. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College does not endorse or support Morgan Godwin, and is not responsible or liable for book buyback transaction.