Records & Registration

Distribution of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates will be mailed six to eight weeks after graduation is confirmed.

Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are not given out at the graduation ceremony. The graduation award documents will be mailed eight to ten weeks after graduation is confirmed.

College curriculum students need to make sure they fill out the Graduation Information form once they receive the Graduation Eligibility notification. Degrees, diplomas, and certificates will be mailed to the address the provided on the form. If a student fails to update their name and address on the form, the information in college records on the day that the graduation evaluation is made will be used. Students will be notified through their Rowan-Cabarrus email if their award documents are returned by the post office. The award documents must be picked up at the Salisbury campus within 90 days; unclaimed awards will be shredded. Replacement awards are $10 each.

Any changes that need to be made after the form has been completed should be sent to the Graduation Certification Specialist by the last day of the graduating semester.

Please note: Changes to your name and address made on the graduation information form are not reflected in your college records.   Instructions for making permanent address changes can be found at Request Changes to Student Record.