Corporate and Continuing Education

Continuing Education Scholarship Request FAQs

What is a Continuing Education Scholarship?

This competitive scholarship is designed to provide assistance to individuals requiring an employment-related certification. Scholarship awards are given for short-term training within the Rowan-Cabarrus Continuing Education department that coincides with an applicant’s identified employment goal. Each recipient must assure willingness to meet or exceed expectations by:

  • Attending every class session as scheduled
  • Participating fully and taking responsibility for learning
  • Successfully completing the course and any required testing for certifications
  • Maintaining contact with Scholarship Committee during class and throughout a follow-up period
  • Reporting employment details about employment post-course completion

Who is qualified to receive the scholarship?

Individuals needing training for an employment goal and have a recognized need for funding assistance are eligible to apply.

How much will the scholarship fund?

Scholarships award amounts are based on the cost per course and funding availability.

Can this scholarship cover emergency related costs and/or supplies needed that are not available from the bookstore?

No. This scholarship is available to cover direct training costs which are tuition and supplies from the Rowan-Cabarrus bookstore.

If you are need of immediate assistance for areas outside of tuition and books, please dial 211 to connect with additional resources.

What is the timeline for the scholarship?

Step 1: Submit the Continuing Education Scholarship Request form below.

Step 2: You will receive an email with your full scholarship application. The full application includes an essay portion and includes email submission directions to the scholarship committee.

Step 3: Emailed scholarship applications will be reviewed on the second Monday of the month by the scholarship committee. Applicants progressing to the next round are notified the second Wednesday of the month.

Need help?

Meet with a Career Specialist to work on your applications and get signed up for other career development events. Call 704-216-7201 us to speak with a Career Specialist or email us at