College & Career Readiness

About the ABE, AHS & HSE (GED) Programs

College & Career Readiness offers programs for students at various levels to help them gain the basic skills they need to succeed in college, in their careers and at home.

Starting college or a career can be intimidating, especially when students lack confidence in basic skills such as math, reading, computing and study skills.

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Age Requirements

Incoming students must be at least eighteen (18) years old.

Minors must be officially withdrawn from high school for at least six (6) months to be considered for this program.

Minors, ages 16 & 17, may enroll after receiving the director’s approval. A minor application must be completed before registering for classes.

Identification & Supplies

You will need the following items:

Computer / Laptop with WiFi or Internet connection

Government-issued, picture identification card

Your Social Security Number
(the actual card is not required)

Pen & pencil

Notebook or paper for taking notes


For more information regarding classes, please contact:

Mary Jane Hartley, Lead Instructor
North Campus

Aaron McNeill, Instructor
South Campus

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

The ABE program is designed for adult students who test below a ninth grade level in math or reading. The ABE program will build skills in reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, and computation to help adults function in society, on a job or in the family.

  • ABE instruction is free for all students
  • After completing the orientation sessions, students may immediately begin attending the ABE lab.
  • Upon completion of the ABE program, students are encouraged to enroll in the HSE program.

Adult High School (AHS) Online

The Adult High School (AHS) program is offered cooperatively with a local public school system to offer adults an opportunity to earn an AHS diploma through a curriculum of instruction that aligns with adult education and literacy activities and other core programs and one-stop partners. The curriculum includes the development of career pathways which provide access to employment and training services for students in the AHS program. Course and graduation requirements are in alignment with the standards established by the State Board of Education, the local education agency, and the local community college.

The AHS diploma is issued in cooperation between the local boards of education and community college trustees with appropriate signatures representing both educational systems. Adult High School records and transcripts are maintained and issued by the community college where the AHS diploma was awarded.

Required Credits – Colleges must offer at least the minimum number of credits required for graduation by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Students must have 16 credits from their high school to be eligible for the program.

For information regarding Adult High School Online, please contact Darrell Graham (, 704-216-3785).

High School Equivalency (HSE, formerly GED)

The HSE program is designed for adult students who test above a ninth grade level in math and reading but have not obtained a high school diploma. The HSE program will prepare students to successfully pass an approved High School Equivalency Assessment (HSEA). Passing the HSE test will allow adult students to be awarded a North Carolina Equivalency diploma, which is nationally recognized as equivalent to a traditional high school diploma. The HSE program covers social studies, science, literature, mathematics, and writing skills.

  • Instruction is free to all students
  • However, there is a testing fee to cover the costs of the HSEA

High School Equivalency Online

The HSE Online program is for students who are interested in obtaining their High School Equivalency diploma, but have too many conflicts with their schedule to attend seated classes. The HSE Online program covers social studies, science, literature, mathematics, and writing skills.

  • Instruction is free to all students, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • However, there is a testing fee to cover the costs of the High School Equivalence Assessment, (GED, TASC, or HiSet)
  • You must have an internet connection, and a laptop or PC to qualify for the online program

For information regarding High School Equivalency Online, please contact Darrell Graham (, 704-216-3785).

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