Financial Aid

Repayment of Title IV Funds

Title IV financial aid recipients who officially withdraw from all classes during the first 60 percent of the academic term will be subject to repayment terms as outlined by the Department of Education. If disbursement has already been made to the student, it is the student’s responsibility to repay all funds due to RCCC and/or the Department of Education. Federal regulations require a formula be used based on number of calendar days in the term and the number of days attended by the student before withdrawal to determine how much financial aid was “earned” by the student. The difference between aid disbursed and aid earned will be used to calculate how much the student must repay.

If the student unofficially withdraws (stops attending) or student’s academic transcript reflects unsuccessful completion of all courses, Rowan-Cabarrrus Community College may have student aid calculated on 50 percent completion of the term. Documentation of an academic-related activity, including notification from the faculty, may be used to recalculate aid eligibility based on the last date of attendance.